Thursday, 4 December 2014

#ThisIsChristmas Day3

Uh oh... we're only on day 3, and I'm already missing days!  College is to blame this time, not myself! 

We're back again for day 3 of the #ThisIsChristmas challenge! Today is my 'Favourite Christmassy treat (food or drink!)'.

I can answer this straight off the bat when it comes to my favourite drink; it's a mint white hot chocolate! Yes it is amazing, so delicious, but it looks super funky too - it's green! I got one only yesterday, so here's a cute little picture of that!

Guys, I 100% recommend you try this, it is without a doubt my favourite hot chocolate ever, and that's saying a lot because I love hot chocolate! 

Now, when it comes to my favourite Christmas treat, everything gets that little bit harder; I personally don't like mince pies, or Christmas cake, or pudding; I do love myself a good gingerbread person though, that's for sure. They are just so adorable, and let's be honest here, ginger is quite a Christmassy, and warming flavour and scent!  

Thanks for keeping up with these #ThisIsChristmas challenge I'm doing here; and feel free to join everyone, there's an Instagram one too if you don't blog yourself! (Find them here)
I'll see y'all later today with Day 4 of #ThisIsChristmas

Byeee, Emma x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

#ThisIsChristmas Day 2

Hey y'all, I'm back again for day 2 of #ThisIsChristmas (Here's day 1)

Today is our 'Favourite Christmassy lips and nails colour combination'!  I'm quite excited for this, because I've really gotten into lipsticks and nail polishes this year, and my collection is slowly but surely growing!

I'm about to be the same as almost everyone else right now, and say that my absolute favourite shades for Christmas, are deep red/purple berry shades!

 I adore Rimmel products, because I've always found them to be of a really high standard while still having a drug store price; perfect for students like myself! But, they also have an amazing range of shades to choose from.

My two picks for todays post are the Rimmel 'Lasting Finish Lip Stick' in the shade 128 - Starry-eyed,  and the Rimmel 'I Love Lasting Finish' nail polish in Black Cherries. They are both really beautiful deep shades of red/purple, and I can not wait to wear them again!



Let me know what your favourite laps and nail combination is for Christmas in the comments below, and leave me some new blogs to check out lovelies!

Byeee, Emma xo

Monday, 1 December 2014

#ThisIsChristmas Day 1

Hey guys, I decide to do a blogging challenge for the month of December; it was created by Áine (, and is super cute! So, have day one of the #ThisIsChristmas tag, challenge, thing. 

Day 1 is the 'Things That Remind You Of Christmas' post! I for one have always been a huge fan of Christmas candle scents! I know i's a very stereotypical thing, but there are certain smells that always remind me of Christmas time. 

I absolutely adore candles that smell of spices, and have a warm, homely scent. My current favourites are very similar to Yankee Candle, in smells, and style, but re a lot cheaper!  I get them in Heatons, and they are absolutely delightful. 

This is the one I'm burning at the moment, just to get myself in the real Christmas mood now that we're in December - 'Mulled Wine'


Thanks for reading this little short post! Can' wait until tomorrow now; I'm leaving the challenge dates down below if anyone wants to join! There's also an instagram version if you don't blog, so I'll put that in to! 

Byeee, Emma xo


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