Friday, 26 September 2014

#BackToCollege Clothing Haul -Penneys

I've just headed back to the good old college life, and I decided it'd be fun to do a little bit of shopping for it! I realised after photographing all my new clothes, that I seem to have bought a thousand tops, and absolutely no bottoms. That is not the case though, they are on the way!

Here's all the little things I bought in Penneys; hope you enjoy all these lil bits!

First up is a plain black ribbed crop top. I'm probably going to wear this under some of the chiffon shirts I have, simply because I find it is just a little bit too short to wear uncovered. I think it'll pair with almost anything because it's so simple and understated.
 I got this in Penneys for €1, so I really couldn't say no when I saw it!

The second one up there, is a white chiffon shirt, I absolutely adore the pattern on this shirt; a simple black daisy print all over. I personally find that it's perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans just a little bit, so you don't have to try too hard, but still look like you tried. 
This beauty was on sale for only €7 in Penneys.

This little top in the middle, is a beautiful shade of mint green, and the perfect length for a crop top. It's just the right length to be able to tuck into any high-waisted skirt or shorts, but also looks adorable left untucked for a slightly flowier look. 
This was again on sale for only €1 in Penneys. 

No. 4 up above is a beautiful (although slightly see-through) floral print on the front, and plain white on the back. I love wearing it with a simple black or denim skater skirt; as it's quite a detailed print, it's nice to pair it with something a bit simpler.
This was only €3 in Penneys. 

And last, is one of my favourite tops I've bought! It's actually a 'muscle tank', meaning there is almost no sides to the top; now I didn't realise this before I bought it, but it looks super cute with a bandeau or bralette underneath. Also the saying 'I'd rather be in L.A.' - a girl can dream right? 

So these are just the little bits I grabbed in Penneys before college, but I have quite a lot of clothes from other shops around Ireland! I'm soo excited to get those out as well, because some of the things are just soo cute!

Hope you enjoyed this, and can't wait for the next one (too much?).

Byeee, Emma x

Saturday, 20 September 2014

#BackToCollege Folder Haul

This may be a bit of a weird one, I have a slight obsession with buying new stationery for college! But I do it every year, so I have way too many stashed away at home! I'm not the only one who just has to buy every little cute folder I see, right?

Well anyway here's the cutest lil ones I could find this time, and I can not wait to use them now I'm back in college! 

Theses two are super sweet! The first is a vertical stripe in black, white and grey, and was just right down my street when I saw it; couldn't resist!  The second is a dark and light blue kinda tribal pattern, and is super adorable. I quite like it actually! I bought both of these in Aldi for only €1.99 - such a steal 

Now these two are probably my favourites - but to be honest I say that about all of them! They are both quite a similar patter, just that the second has 4 characters blown up on it. It looks a bit weird on here, but the background is squares, like you would have had in maths copies! 
The first is actually a lever arch file, so is that little bit bigger - absolutely perfect for all my college notes!
I bought both of these in Tesco - The big one for €3.50 and the smaller for €2.75.

This one is a cutie I bought in the book station for €1.75 - I got two! It's just a very simple plastic folder with elastic around the corners to keep it closed. The horizontal stripes in different shades of green are so cute! I'm hoping it'll work well to keep in my bag so I don't have to carry the bigger folders to college!

This is the last one I have! It was only 99c in Easons, definitely worth it too! It's simply the cutest cartoon pattern all round; I absolutely adore this old fashioned prints and the womens makeup is to die for!

That's all I've got folder wise for ye! I hope you enjoyed seeing them! And you should definitely go buy some pretty stationery if you haven't done it all ready this summer! Thank you so much for reading this!

Byeee, Emma x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Summer Summaries - Wexford part 2

Yayyy, here's another of my little adventures from Wexford this summer! This one's a bit of a cheat, but I hope y'all enjoy it anyway.
While in Co. Wexford during the summer, my family and I took a short trip across to Dunmore East in Waterford. It's not a long journey, only an hour or so, with a short trip on the ferry. Dunmore East is an absolutely stunning little place along the coast, with the sweetest views.

We weren't there for long, only a few hours; but we had the opportunity to visit some of my family who were there on holiday for a week. Hopefully these pictures do the area of Dunmore East some justice. So here they are:

Thank y'all so much for reading this! Also, I'd just like to say sorry that these posts are quite picture heavy! I hope you don't mind too much though!
Lemme know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see on here!

Byeee, Emma x

Monday, 8 September 2014

The Summer Summaries - Wexford Part 1

My family and I have a sort of holiday home  (it's a mobile home), in Co. Wexford! Now while this may seem like a dream location to some, and it can be; it's not great if none of your friends have time to be down! We stay in a little country village in what can feel like the farthest corner from humanity at times! But having said all this, I do absolutely adore the place and cherish the last 16 years of memories there!

Because this was a quiet summer, I spent a lot of it exploring the local gardens and historical sites with my family; and wow were they absolutely beautiful. I found it weird that even though I've been visiting this same area for the last 16 years, I never actually took the initiative to go out and see some of the beauties that were so close! 

First up was Tintern Abbey near the Hook Peninsula in Co. Wexford. 
I'm sad to say I don't have many photos of this beautiful place (there was an incident with my camera), but I am quite proud of what I did manage to capture! So here they are!

Now don't you worry, there's plenty more Wexford adventures where that came from! I hope y'all enjoyed this, and take you for reading!

Byeee, Emma x

Monday, 1 September 2014

The Summer Summaries - #Dublin689

Well I can tell you guys right now, that this is without a doubt, the best experience of my summer. #Dublin689 is something I wish could happen every year, if not more often! 

#Dublin689 (have I said it enough yet?), was a YouTube meetup I was at in Dublin on 24th July! It was a meetup for an American couple Will and RJ, who run the channels 'Shep689' (their vlog channel), 'shepsquared' (Will) and 'TheNotAdam' (RJ).

I have to say it was quite unusual seeing someone who you've only ever seen on a screen, in front of you, in the flesh (and yes, they were very real). There was a group of about 50 (maybe) subscribers there on the day to chat to the guys, take some selfies, go for lunch, and then spend the night on the town!

We met at St. Stephen's Green park, and all had our picture taken with the guys before having a lil kiki, talking about the YouTube, life, signing an Irish flag for them, and writing notes in their travel book!

Here's a picture of me with Will and RJ on the day.

We had lunch in Tolteca, on Suffolk Street in Dublin City Centre! Tolteca is seemingly the Irish version of Chipotle; it's a 'Mexican Style Grill' and I have to say their food is quite lovely! I will be going back! This was part 1 finished, and everyone went their seperate ways to get bits ready for part 2 a few hours later!

So part 2 of the day was our 'mad' night out on the town! We decided to explore most of Dublin's well-known gay/gay friendly bars, as well as a few more traditional places! Eventually we stumbled in The George, where we saw part of a drag show (my first)! The night ended around 3am, and honestly, that was too soon!

I'd like to thank the guys (on the off-chance they see this), for coming over and exploring Europe, it was an experience I'll never forget! Please go and check them out, because they deserve an awful lot of love (and have a super cute dog called Dobby)!

Thank y'all for coming along on this lil journey! <3

Byeee, Emma x

P.S. Will and RJ give the best hugs ever; especially RJ's drunken goodbye hugs!